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Produced by Stephen Hines at the Wormhole- Phone|707.628.2746
Album artwork by: Charles Hinds www.facebook.com/awesomeartwork


released March 1, 2015

Special thanks to: You, and everyone whos ever put us on a show and supported us in general.



all rights reserved


MALCOLM Stockton, California

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Track Name: White Wednesday (feat. pawsi brittney)
Cut off all their heads. If they wont leave we’ll make them. Suffer for your liberal trend: Gentrification. Voodoo black magic cast on a crowd. Voodoo black magic shocking them now
Idiot cries “I’m not racist!!” as if it justifies the stereotype. Read a dictionary, flex your goddamn head, Shut your fucking mouth- open up your eyes.
John Hoffman, Dan Polak not all of us are bored. Most cops are bastards when you’re not white or when you’re poor. Stop justifying how each one performs think about the system they reinforce. I know what I’m fighting for. Ending this racist drug war I know exactly what I’m fighting for, ending this fucking racist drug war.
The more bullshit I see the more radical I become. Classism’s so fucked. I won’t stop fighting until I’ve won. Stop the marches-- take some fucking action. Get these white towers of ivory collapsing. The PDs and their sanctuaries set them aflame.
Born with insight, raised with a fist.
Track Name: Apathetic Douchebag
Su hija says “I love you.”
“Okay” is his reply. Never is how many times you’ll ever see him cry. His heart as steel as Saurumon’s capitalist industry.
He says “Emotions were weights shackled to my feet but I’m free.” He’s broken chunks of him are missing.
You’ll never see him cry now he’s snapped he lost his mind.
“Everyone on Earth deserves to die.” Now he’s snapped he lost his mind.
I never asked to be able to feel, I never asked to be born. I’m pro abortion, pro death penalty.
Nobody’s innocent to me anymore. Grind up nazis to ground beef, leave on stakes the ones they discriminate.
I’ve grown tired of life, I’ve grown tired of humans. Splitting them in half satisfies me.
Bodies pile, bile spills. “I wanna feel their flesh compress under my feet.” Massgraves higher than an elevated mind.
“Scream beg for dear life before my eyes.”
“Bodies pile, pile higher. Their death is what I desire.”
Aries rising extinction of mankind arriving
Track Name: I Killed Jesus
Blugeoned your savior and brought him down to his knees. Laugh, scorn, make a mockery his hands outstretched to the masses screaming “Help me!” I slit his throat with the crown made from thorns. Your god is dying his life is slowly draining. Forget the genocide. Beat him until he can’t fucking move.
Smashed your false idol. Hang him. Your bullshit reason for your prejudice. You won’t catch me with a jesus piece. Hang him.

I Killed Yeshua of Nazareth
Track Name: Myke Tyson's PunchOut
I brought destruction disrupted the sane deracinate all that gave you cephalic peace. Curled up tight in a ball worrying, shaking, freezing. Muttering to yourself “None of this shit’s real.”
Going in circles can’t stop screaming breeding chaos burning dreams. Wake it, bake it, take it, make it, mold it into the perfect form. Rape it, take it, love it, hate it, a new fucking bastard is born.
Look at the world I have created. You’re dying crying bleeding I love it. Left in the gutter you won’t be heard you’ll suffer.
Track Name: Dummy
Got you on the verge of suffocating yourself with these two hands that were given to you since birth. On the verge of hanging yourself in the basement I have you shits restrained in. Godamn; roped together. All of them; rubber cement. Murder them; you’ll keep bleeding. Piss in the wound accept your fucking fate. Die victim blamer you don’t deserve to live.
I’m not as worthless, pitiful. Chopped in two let them fall your dead eyes I Iaugh at. Dismemberment, fuck you all. It brings me laughing I left you in all your pain. I’ll never be under your feet when I kick this stool away.
Shut your fucking face you’re not a fucking man. You blame victims for rape where’s your manly logic at? If it happened to your momma your fam like your sis you’d want to kill that fucker and all those misogynists.
Track Name: Tank
Crushing all my enemies tearing apart all their flesh. Fuck the rest we’ll kill them. Divided we’re few together we’re enough.
Crushing all my enemies tearing apart all their flesh. Fuck the rest we will win. Take back your city take back your country.
Stop perpetuating injustice it will lead to your suffering.
I’ll watch you all die.